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Why diversification

Asset Allocation aims to optimise risk adjusted returns. Diversification is key to achieve this goal 

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Tržišta dionica u razvoju (Emerging Markets Equities)
Veliki povrati nakon određenog vremenskog razdoblja, uz veći rizik.
Cash and Short Maturity Bonds
Emerging Markets Bonds
Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
Emerging Market Bonds
High Yield Bonds
Developed Market Equities
Emerging Markets Equities
Real Estate
Alternnative Trading Strategies

Trade-off between risk, liquidity and return

The three main objectives of an investment - highest level of security, liquidity and rate of return cannot be achieved simultaneously. The investors must define which objective takes the priority, in accordance with their own preferences.

Diversification can significantly reduce unsystematic risks (distribution of assets in different asset classes).

The investor has no influence over systemic risks, or over natural disasters or wars, but the portfolio manager is required to manage the client's portfolio in a professional manner, in the best possible way, with the attention of a good businessman.

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